I’d like to introduce the team that made my website possible—it would never have happened without these three amazing women. They encouraged and guided me through the sometimes bumpy process of creating a site I’m totally proud of!  

Juliet Lafaro

Juliet is passionate about photography and how it plays into our every day lives. Recently her clients are doing one of two things: Documenting loved ones together so those moments are remembered in the future or photographing someone taking the next step towards making their dreams come true. The goal is always to connect, collaborate,  and make beautiful that you can’t wait to share.

Laura Didyk
writer editor

Laura has over two decades of experience writing and editing for nonprofit organizations, small presses, and private clients. With an MFA in creative writing, and a visual artist herself, she welcomes the opportunity to guide other artists and writers in communicating who they are and why they do what they do. 

Elena Erber

Elena ia a marketing and communications graphic designer with a reputation for thinking out-of-the-box. Her boundless creativity is a main ingredient in her recipe for finding the best solutions for the work she engages in — whether envisioning a complete marketing strategy or fitting an extra line of text on a page. This perspective coupled with her skill as a designer, collaborator, communicator, and organizer has made her an integral member of many successful teams.