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100-day project 2021

My very first 100-day project began in early 2021. I woke up in the middle of the night, my brain on fire with creative ideas—this happens a lot, a beautiful curse. I knew I needed a project with a beginning and an end, a creative “container” and a goal to aim for.  

In the six months leading up to the project, I’d been experimenting with Encaustiflex—a tear-proof microfiber surface similar to paper that has the ability absorb encaustic/wax medium as well as oil stick (beautifully!) and remain flexible. I first used it in a workshop taught by Connecticut artist Leslie Giuliani, who developed Encaustiflex!, at R&F Handmade Paints in Kingston, New York. I fell in love with it and knew there was so much more magic to discover. A 100-day challenge was the perfect container in which to explore!

My self-imposed “rules” for the project came fast and natural!

  • 100 pieces of art in 100 days
  • 10 different processes
  • 10 pieces with each process     


Simple! Done!

What will my 10 processes be?  

Again, the ideas came easily:

  1. vintage papers
  2. wax only
  3. watercolor paint
  4. pen doodles
  5. hibiscus dye
  6. ink-jet-printed photographs 
  7. hand-carved rubber stamps
  8. india ink with brush
  9. quilting
  10. gelli-plate printing


I only had one detail left.  

What was I going to mount the Encaustiflex on? I didn’t want to use wood—it felt too formal and heavy. This was a study, a visual and personal exploration. I wanted to keep it light in every way.

Matboard seemed like the perfect solution—and I was right. Using matboard with encaustic medium became its own study. 

With all the parameters set for my project, I was ready to go into the studio. I moved through the 100 days easily. I didn’t work every day but scheduled time in my calendar throughout the week and dove in deep.

I enjoyed some processes more than others. I definitely became more comfortable with the Encaustiflex and encaustic medium, as well as with the necessary tools for both. The project was a success! I had 100 beautiful pieces of new work.

Throughout the project, I shared my progress on Instagram and with family and friends. But I wanted to do more than that.

So, as she does, the universe stepped in to help. A friend , intrigued by what I’d been posting online, asked me to lunch. Over sandwiches and coffee, she encouraged me to do something I’d never done before: to show my work. “You have to show all of these pieces together!”

I admit that I panicked a little. I knew her idea was sound, that these 100 pieces deserved to be shown together. But how? And where?

Soon after that lunch date, on a daily walk with my pups, it finally came to me: MY BARN!  

So, on May 16th, 2021, I had a show! I created a sweet and simple setting. One hundred pieces lined up in a row at eye level on the walls of my barn. It was perfect. 

Here’s a great video highlighting all 100 pieces.  

Thanks for witnessing my efforts!

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100-day project 2021

My very first 100-day project began in early 2021. I woke up in the middle of the night, my brain on fire with creative ideas—this